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The only female member of the legendary Sannin in Naruto. She is the respected granddaughter of the first hokage and the grandniece of the second hokage. She is a praised medical ninja that saved many lives during the brutal ninja war and was became the first female hokage of Konoha. She mentored Sakura Haruno and Shizune in the art of medical ninjutsu.

Tsunade's FeatsEdit

She is someone that any ninja would want in a fight. Tsunade is a terrific konouchi, who her fellow

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Sannin Jiraiya said that "there is no one that can match her in terms of fighting and medical ninjutsu." She uses her chakra to enchance her strength to monstorous levels, using one finger she can split the ground in two and defeat the main character Naruto with

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Tsunade beats a post chunin-exam Naruto with a finger.

one finger early in the series despite being rusty. The greatJiraiya flinched thinking about the time she punched him. Tsunade can reduce walls and buildings to rubble with a single punch. She can heal fatal injuries with her amazing medical ninjutsu and is credited to being on of the best medical ninjas in the world, even being praised by fellow medical ninja Kabuto, Orochimaru's top henchmen and physician, for her incredible accomplishments.
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Tsunade is more stealthy, agile, and deadlier most elite ninja. She was able to tire out Kabuto, a powerful medical ninja and force him to take a pill to enchance his strength. Even when he cut the muscles of her arm, leg, and stopped her from breathing, she was still able to land a hit on his nerves and fight. She can summon a giant, durable slug that can divide itself and spit deadly acid.

When Orochimaru stabbed Tsunade in the chest, she not only miraculously survives it, lands a kick on him, and unleashes a top-ranked jutsu from the seal on her forhead to heal herself from life

threating injuries. She has an incredible strong life force and it makes her very hard to kill in the battlefield.