Biography Edit


A Princess from the planet Tamaran who joined the Teen Titans and has been fighting among them ever since. She has caught the eye of the leader Robin and is known for her naviety and kindness. She has a bad relationship with her older sister, Blackfire and is looking for her young brother, Wildfire.

As a Fighter Edit

Tumblr na0qtrsBkI1qj5n0uo1 500

Caught in the hands of Cinderblock, she frees herself with a mighty kick that stuns him

A veteran member of the Teen Titans. She is far from weak and has durability that is unquestionable, as she has recovered from being punched by superpowered villains and smashing into hard concrete to continue fighting. She can fly at supersonic speed, blast enemies with green bolts, and has laser vision. Starfire can survive and travel in Outer space. She can fly between populated planets within a brief period of time. She easily defeated an Nega Cyborg effortlessly. She is skilled enough to take down numerous Gordanian soldiers.

Tumblr nn0ziq2Pfu1updw00o3 250

Starfire dodges Blackfire's bolts with ease


Starfire is granted super strength by her Alien biology that surpassed her fellow Teen Titan member Cyborg.

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