Biography Edit

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Kidnappers killed her parents, then tried to sell her as a prostitute for older men with asian fetish.But the moment Eren Yeager interferes in her behalf, she is forced to save him and kills one of the kidnappers. She is calm and realistic, yet is in love with Eren Yeager. She was adopted by the Yeager family

and joins the Scot regiment when Eren joins.

Mikasa Ackerman's Feats Edit

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As an Ackerman and a member of the East Sea clan, she is immune to memory erasing and is granted


Mikasa gives Eren an edge against the Armored Titan and shows off her natural skills with the 3D maneuver gear.

fantastic fighting abilities. She knows hand-to-hand combat. Mikasa Ackerman excels in the use of 3-D maneuver gear to the point of being better than most Scot regiment including veterans. However she is not as strong as Levi Ackerman. Annie Leonhardt, a skilled martial artist

Mikasa's Tackle Attack

Dimo Reeves proves helpless when he gets tackled by Mikasa.

said Mikasa was a beast. Mikasa took a tackle from Reiner and recovered. She fought Bertoldt in a sword fight on even level. She tackled and pin down a 167 pound Dimo Reeves. As a child she cracked wood by just stepping on it She stabbed a guy with a knife so hard that it reached his heart and came out from the other side