Biography Edit

Joy Turner is the wife of Darnell and the ex-wife of Earl Hickey. She is the mother, Darnell Turner. The half sister of Liberty Washington. She is the mother of Dodge and Earl Hickey Jr, including being the surrogate mother of Liberty's daughter, Ann. A troublemaker and a promiscuous woman, who occasionally causes trouble for Earl. Despite her flaws, she is a good person.

Joy Turner's Feats Edit

Joy punches Jesse

Joy's fierce left hook that changed Jesse's life forever

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Joy Turner as the Klanimal

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Despite years of conditioning herself, Joy Turner is out of Jesses' league.

Joy Turner is able to throw a punch that could knock out the teeth of an opponent and scared her ex-husband.When she was hunted down by a bounty hunter, she used a combination of punches and hair-pulling to defeat a black-belt without receiving a single punch. She stood toe-to-toe with wrestling sensation and half-sister, Lady Liberty, although she eventually lost. She seems to be athletic enough to withstand and perform wrestling maneuvers, Joy even

was thrown on a table hard enough to break it and yet recovered afterwards. She was considered qualified enough to be a B.L.O.W wrestler