Biography Edit

The teenage bodyguard of O-ren Ishii, the matriach of all the Yakuza bosses in Tokyo in Kill Bill Saga. The bride says, "What she lacks in age, she makes up for in madness. Gogo Yubari is

not afraid to kill and is always ready to protect her mistress from any danger. While she is not a person of a lot of words, she can match any psychopath without them.

Gogo Yubari's FeatsEdit

Gogo Yubari is a mericless killer, who not only stands a chance against the deadly Bride, but almost killed her. Her weapon of choice was a chain and maze ball, which she shows talent for. When she engaged in battle with the Bride, she was able to disarm her rather early.

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She mostly forced the Bride to go on the offensive and was able to land a few hits on her. Gogo proved to be possibly the strongest of O-ren's bodyguards, as she was the most effective of all of them in fighting off the assassin. It seems that she has some durability, as she was able to get accidently get hit by her own weapon, crash into a table, and come back fighting.