Biography Edit


Ciel Phantomhive's betroth and maternal cousin. Elizabeth was born 1874 England. She is the definition of girly and will inherit the title of Countess of Phantomhive if she marries Ciel. Daughter of Marquess of Midford and Head of the Order of the British Empire, Alexis Midford and his wife, Francis Phantomhive. She comes from privilege.

As a Fighter Edit

Midford kick

Sebastian is forced to protect Ciel from Elizabeth's speedy kick when she believes he is unfaithful

Elizabeth Midford killing Bizarre Dolls

Elizabeth killing Bizzare Dolls with blinding speed

Elizabeth Midford is considered a prodigy with the sword by Charles Grey and was trained by her formidible mother, Marchioness of Midford

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Elizabeth can dodge Charle's sword thrusts

Elizabeth surpises Ciel

Elizabeth always attacks to kill

Francis Midford. She has won fencing matches and can defend herself in times of danger.She is a skilled fencer and fights with incredible precision. She was single-handedly killed multiple Bizarre dolls and saved Ciel from their clutches. She is able to perform a flying back kick, when she believes Ciel is unfaithful to her. Elizabeth fought in nearly equal footing with Charles Grey in a sword fight.