Biography Edit

Chi chi

The wife of the strongest warrior on earth and the first super saiyan in hundreds of years. The daughter of the ox king and mother to Gohan and Goten, grandmother of Pan.

Chi Chi's Feats Edit

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Goku is stronger, however Chi Chi displays fierce and graceful combatant abilities

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Chi Chi lands a fast kick on Goten, her son

She made it to the finals in the world Martial Arts tournament. She is a martial artist who is skilled and relentless. Chi Chi is nimble as a cat only with board-shattering kicks and punches. Easily the weakest of the Goku family, she is a scary enemy to deal with. She has a great amount of stamina to attack Goku for several minutes with all her strength and speed without getting tired. Chi Chi trained Goten to fight and was able to land a hit on him. She took a blow from a super saiyan Goten and recovered afterwards. She took an ir punch from Goku and got up again. Goku accidentally hit her enough to send her flying on a rock and she survived with some injuries. When she was infected by the Black Water Mist, she was able to jump on rooftops and chase Gohan around, breaking her foot through wood every time she jumped. She almost put Gohan into a corner, though this could be because he was reluctant to fight his own mother. She is not able to fly or use ki.