Biography Edit

The professional and passionate Casca was once a gifted commander of the Band of the Hawks, but when Griffith sacrificed the band of the hawk to death to become a God Hand and experience interspecies gang-rape and rape from Griffith himself, she mentally regressed to an extreme level. Now the man who loves her, Guts and his crew journey to heal Casca through magic.

Casca's Feats Edit

Casca fighting

Casca spells doom for any of her opponents

Casca Vs Silat

Casca's swordsmanship gives Silat a challenge

She is commander, who is skilled in horsemanship, leading, and swordsmanship. Before the arrival of Guts, Casca held the rank as the strongest fighter under Griffith's command for good reason. She has super agility and leaping ability. She is able to do backflips and cartwheels. A poisoned Casca still defeated the General of the Blue Whale Knights Adon Coborlwitz and dodge all of his attacks. Casca took multiple arrows from the Midland

Casca's Kick

Casca's kick breaks a grown man's teeth and makes him bleed profusely before he has a chance to attack.

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Royal army and was still able to lead the Hawks against them. She killed his knights even when she was weaken by her fever and menstruation. Casca killed the apostle that killed Judeau with a single swing of her sword during the Eclipse. She fought

Casca avenges Judeau

Casca avenges Judeau, killing an apostle with a single swing of her sword during the Eclipse.

the highly skilled assassin Silat when she was sleep-deprived and although bested, Casca still proved a worthy adversary against him. When Casca punched Guts for bothering Griffith he commented that, she did not have a woman's punch. She murders three attempted rapists when she hasn't practiced in years and with loss of muscle. The mentally regressed Casca was able to leap on top of cliffs to save herself from falling.