Biography Edit


Daughter of the executed Ned Stark and ill-fated Catelyn Tully. She clashed with her feminine sister with her tomboyish behavior and always enjoyed the idea of being a warrior. When the Lannisters turn on the Starks of Winterfell for trying to expose Queen Cersei's incestous adultery with her own brother, Arya's family is split and she is forced to fend for herself.

Arya Stark's Feats Edit


A display of Arya's ruthlessness


Arya can fight a fellow assassin blind.


Arya is also an Archer.

A student of Syrio Forel for a brief time, soon grew to become more and more skilled as a warrior. She usually fights armed and fights to the death. She knows the art of archery. During her fight with Brienne, she uses a nice bit of off-line footwork to position herself outside of Brienne's sword arc and acrobatic dodging, She learns assassination techniques from No one and has been an successful assassin so far. She has remarkable, almost cat-like balance and is skilled in some aspects of parkour.