Biography Edit

A mistress of the Pharaoh Seti 1 born in the 13th Century B.C Thebes, Egypt and rival of his daughter Princess Nefertiri. She may have been desired by the most powerful man in Egypt, but she fell in love with another powerful man Imhotep, the Pharaoh's high priest. The star-crossed lovers murdered the Pharaoh Seti and she commits suicide in hopes that Imhotep will ressurect her and be together at last.

Anck-su-namun's Feats Edit

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An action girl who can trade blows with a fellow martial artist.

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Anck-su-namun is not someone you want to mess with as she disarms Princess Nefertiri again

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Anck-su-namun's primary weapons and she has mastered it well.

The Pharaoh not only desired her body, but deemed Anck-su-namun worthy to protect him, even when he had Medjai. She was strong enough to pin Evy against the wall twice and is physically stronger than her. As a dueling instructor of Nefertiri, she was effective in turning the princess into a skilled warrior. She knows gymnastics and can perform backflips. She knows how to fight with a sais and spears. She took a headbutt and an elbow and still pinned Evelyn to a wall to prevent her from helping Rick.