Biography Edit

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Akane is the younger of the three daughters of Soun Tendo, head of the Tendo dojo. Soun promises to give his daughter in marriage to Ranma, a son of a friend. This tomboy is the main fiancee of Ranma.

Akane Tendo's Feats Edit

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Akane Tendo takes on a variety of opponents and is sucessfully in winning the fight

The weakest of Ranma's many fiancees is stronger than most people. She can break wood and boards easily. She is a martial artist in all respects. Akane she was able to instantly defeat nine of her school's strongest fighters. She has repeatedly successfully defended herself against

Akane VS Dojo Destroyer

Akane Tendo displays her speed as she avoids the attacks of the Dojo destroyer

Serpico's mother

Akane catches Kodachi's attack bare-handed

ambushes from Kodachi Kuno, even stopping her attacks single handed or without significant effort.  Akane Tendo can shatter a stone wall with a punch, but received a broken hand afterwards. She can match Kuno in kendo. She is captain of her school's volleyball team and dodged most of Mariko's attempts to sabotage the game. She threw a bolder at Ranma and Ryoga during the ice skating martial art match with ease. She knows how to use a bow and arrow, when she tied catnip to the arrow and shot it in the air. Akane Tendo single-handedly defeated the Furinkan Kendo team with her own Kendo skills and Mariko claimed no on her school's team was that good.